In order to organize better and give all caregivers an equal shot at getting help from us, we are going to have to change the way we take applications. From the 1st to the 15th of each month we will put up an application link. This form must be submitted online. If you are unable to submit the form on your device, please visit your local library and use their public computers. 
On the 16th we will randomly choose applicants we are able to help at that time, based on the number of clinic appointments we have. If you do not hear from us, by the 22nd of that month, then you were not chosen. You will then need to reapply the next month. 
We ask that applicants chosen, pay $30.00 per cat that is spayed/neutered. Allegany County TNR will pay the remaining balance. We will also provide all trapping, after care and transportation needed.

We know there are a lot of feral and community cats in Allegany County who need to spayed or neutered. We receive many applications for help each month. We realize we are not receiving requests for help from everyone who takes care of cats. They may not have social media or the internet. They may not be able to afford the $30.00 fee we ask. We still want to get a good count on the number of cats who need help. Please take this simple 3 question survey if you take care of feral cats or know of anyone who does. Only cats who are not fixed please. Thank you!

*We decided it would be fun to join the painted rock hiding craze going on right now. We will be hiding rocks with our name on them throughout Allegany County. Send us a picture if you find one of our rocks and then re-hide it to help spread the word about TNR!

  • We have a continuous fundraiser going on. We need everyone to save receipts from Giant Food Mart in Cuba and Wellsville.  Giant will donate a portion of receipt totals to ACTNR. The more receipts we turn in, the more money we get! That means more cats get fixed! Receipts can be dropped off to The Belmont Library (put in book drop if closed) Thank you!

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