We have an exciting opportunity that was just offered to us! We have a donor who is in the Christmas spirit and has issued a challenge. This angel will double (yes DOUBLE) ANY donation made now through December 31st! Please take advantage of this opportunity if you have been thinking about donating to have feral cats spayed or neutered. If we are able to continue through the winter, this will mean A LOT less kittens born next year. Donations can be made via paypal (alleganycountytnr@yahoo.com), checks or money orders sent to ACTNR P.O. Box 50,2 Wellsville, NY 14895 or via our Facebook page, facebook.com/alleganycountytnr

501c3 All donations are tax deductible. http://www.alleganycountytnr.com

We have a continuous fundraiser going on. We need everyone to save receipts from Giant Food Mart in Cuba and Wellsville.

501c3 All donations are tax deductible. http://www.alleganycountytnr.com.  Giant will donate a portion of receipt totals to ACTNR. The more receipts we turn in, the more money we get! That means more cats get fixed! Receipts can be dropped off to The Belmont Library (put in book drop if closed) Thank you!